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Default Re: idea for a tesioner

Originally Posted by rohan3ni View Post
thats the chain i got. and i did take out some links out. if i try and make it shorter the master link wont able to connect.
It "won't connect" because your pedal chain has set the wheel distance.

Take off your pedal chain.
Adjust your motor chain via full links and back wheel nuts to fit as near the opening of the chain stays axel keyway to fit with just barley snug chain tention on the drive chain with no tensioner.

Now mess with the seldom used pedal side.
You want slack in it, just enough so it won't fall off with the little use it gets.

As the drive chain stretches, move the wheel back, the pedal chain has slack to spare.
No tensioner needed usually if you get into 1/2 links and such, but if not and you still need a little tensioner, at least it will be on the pedal side, smaller, and well... wouldn't end up on all the "redneck solutions" comedy web sites is all.

No offense to your creative solution, really, but I just can't stop laughing at the produding bolt ends and sharp metal edges sticking out from it.

"Chain guards? Those are for sissy's, I wrap my whole bike in razor wire"

No kidding though, I sure wouldn't stradle the thing and ride it, especially in shorts.
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