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Default Re: Bucking bar to camshaft problem.

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I hope you bought a 5/16" drill bit and not a 5/8". Also the length of the pin is extremely critical. If your original is not worn too badly use it as a guide for proper length.
I did mean a 5/16".....Anyway, I did everything advised including polishing the new pin to a mirror shine, slapped it all back together and took her out on a 20 mile ride, got home to see how it held up and there was a little shaving going on but minimal. I filed off any burs on the cam side, added more grease and took it out again of about another 20 miles and found NO SHAVING....
Conclusion: this fix seems to work fine if you use the right materials and take your time to do it right.
Thanks again guys!!!!!!!
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