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Default Re: Black Motorized Bicycle

Originally Posted by fernando66cc View Post
Its a Micargi Stealth. You can get it at a cheap price if you look around craigslist and try to avoid getting it at a bike shop. They charge so much for the friken bike that you'll waiste 30 to 60 bucks. (I've bought a stealth from a bike shop for 180 BUCKS!!!) So look around and be patient, that the way to get good deals! I don't recomend this bike if you have potholes around your area because the frame seems to weak to withstand too much punishment.
i live in Colorado, im new to the motorized bike world, and am looking into the stealth VERY closely, and i really want a springer fork like spookytooth's, how well do you suppose itll hold up? im in the outskirts of Denver in the country kind of so there is very little pot holes that i cant maneuver away from.
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