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Default Re: Greetings from Colorado

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
As for quieter, I've experimented with long pipes on a couple of my bikes. The power loss is not noticable but the reduction in sound is. I watch people and when they react to my approach and even at near wot condition the sound of my bikes reaches them less than two houses away. I've also played with air boxes to muffle the distinctive 2 cycle intake noise that probably is louder to me than others because I'm right on top of it.

Good Vibrations: I meant no hostilities toward you, sir. However you'll have to admit that if you're not the person enjoying the ride, the noise of a 2 stroke engine, be it a chain saw, weed eater or a bike can be annoying. We had an influx of kids on motorized scooters/skateboards around our neighborhood a couple of summers ago and the Jeffco Sheriff's Dept. came down on them hard. I just don't want that kind of attention for our hobby/sport.
Thanks for listening.
Oh, no. I didn't take it as hostility at all. No worries. Your neighborhood has alot to do with it. There are some cars on my block that sound like their runnin' staight pipes under there so I really don't have much to worry about in that respect. Also, I even find those little go peds and crap a little annoying=) I imagine myself rollin by one of 'em on my bike an accidently stickin' my leg out to "ballance" my-self. Oops
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