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Default Re: Greetings from Colorado

2Door, thanks for the suggestion. Do you know of anywhere local that one might be able to buy or have made an extension?? I suppose if I were to do some checking at Harbor Freight/ Cycle Shops/Car Parts Shops there might be something that I could rig together.

I'm all about a reasonably quiet ride for the benefit of those who would be annoyed by the noise but not benefiting from nor having an appreciation of the ride. Plus I would like to maybe be able to enjoy my iPod while cruising. I know some would suggest that would be asking for trouble because of not being able to hear cars coming up behind me but as it is with the muffler so loud I can't hear them anyhow and I do have the bike equipped with mirrors on both sides as well as a helmet mounted mirror all of which I use religiously and continuously just as I do when driving my car.

Ain't nobody sneaking up on this kid
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