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Default Re: Hello from Colorado

Originally Posted by Bryman31 View Post
Hello, i was just recently turned on to this motorized bicycle fad by a co worker...he loves his bikes and is building his 3rd now. i have been looking into building my own, but am thinking that buying a prebuilt setup might be better for me. anyway just wanted to say hello, and i plan on asking A LOT of questions here in the next few weeks before i make my purchase......and so far i really have my eye on the stealth bike from spookytooth with maybe adding a springer fork for that cool look! HAHAHAHA what do you all think of that bike?

After reading digruntled posts, praises and general experience, I feel like the most important thing you can consider is how much mechanical knowllege you have. If you don't mind tinkerin' and like the options for tuning and performance, get 2stroke. But keep in mind you get what you pay for. Don't get pist when a part fails after a week on your 130 dollar china. For reliability and quietness, get a 4. But yer gonna pay for it. Also the look is important to some of us. That plastic cover onthe four strokes just kills me. My bike looks like it belongs that way. A four stroke looks like a lawn mower engine mounted on a bike. No matter how you put the thing on there. Welcome by the way and good luck.
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