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Default Re: Greetings from Colorado


Thanks for the chain info, I also discovered today that at a local bicycle shop that the repair link/master link that they use for their heavy duty BMX chains works perfectly on the 410 chain that came with my ride, eventually I do plan to upgrade to a heavier chain.

I think you may have misunderstood my muffler question, I'm actually looking to be quieter, much quieter without sacrificing performance or at least not too much performance.

I know a lot folks are of the opinion that a loud muffler offers extra safety but my take on that is most people have their windows up, the tunes cranked up and are chatting up a storm while trying to get the kids in the back seat to chill. My approach to my own personal safety hinges on being the most defensive driver/rider on the road, always has been and always will be, that's what has had me accident free over 45 years of driving, mostly 4 wheelers, and occasionally two wheelers.
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