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Default Re: Greetings from Colorado

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Unless you have your heart set on using 415 chain, you can go to Ace Hardware and get #41, which is interchangable with the kit supplied 415. Grainger also carries #41.
As for running open or loud exhaust, you're not doing your engine or the hobby any favors. We're on thin ice here in Colorado with our bikes and running without an end cap or baffles is just asking for trouble. Keep it muffled. The power increase is negligible and is mostly in your head. ie: More noise= more power.
Mines not opened up or any louder than stock. Just sayin', I think it helps keep you alive=) My bike actually got quieter after port smoothing and run in. Just keep the muff. clean and it flows fine. No need to destroy the thing by pokin' a bunch of holes in it or stuffin' it with crack filter=) and what not. I don't want this "sport", if you will, taken away either. I CAN'T STOP RIDIN' MAN! I got stuck in the rain today on my way back from downtown. Stopped at Starbucks to wait it out and spent 10min answering an officer's questions about it. Caught 'im standin' there starin' at it when I came back out with my coffee. He loved it! May have converted another hopfully.
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