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Originally Posted by thatsdax View Post
From what I read, less than 49cc and 30mph on level ground under power is the rule. Most bicycle engine kits can go 30mph right out of the box and is plenty fast. Typically faster than traffic in the city, way faster than traffic in rush hour. Enjoy the ride...
Completely agree, souping them up is for "down the line hobbyist/experimental" experts.

Especially commuting, you want to get there without on the road repairs for ripping out spokes or fixing chains.

Out of the box 30-35 mph, PLUS taking short cuts, zipping thru parking lots instead of waiting at red lights, going around traffic accidents, passing cars on the shoulder and (occasional sidewalk), you can get there possibly "just as fast" as in a car.

With 360 degree visibility, stop signs on quiet backstreets are mere technicalities.

Practice caution, (but do take advantage of the advantages).
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