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Default i've come to believe

hi all, the time has come to do this.....stumbled on a YouTube of a guy on a Golden Eagle belt drive last year and have not been able to forget how cool it seemed to build up a bicycle capable of riding all day for pennies per mile....the fun factor goes without saying. i'm a daily bicycle rider in baltimore city and revert to the camry when my bike is just too slow to get somewhere a few miles too far....or the pavement is melting mid-summer and i don't want to arrive in a sweat...the Tanaka kits are sweet but also $650 to the there a kit that stands out for quality yet is priced to be hard to top....i have heard of Grubee before and they seem fairly sorted out...i'd like to avoid any kit w/ crappy chain,sprocket,bolts,plates,bushings and so forth....i do not mind working w/ parts that need tweaking and/or careful set up.....but ding dong garbage would be a terrible way to kick off this day dream to reality project....all of you now know the true starting point kits where anything less is doomed to failed parts and no spares....i am sure i will have more than one of these machines over time w/ various systems,types,brands......i just want to avoid a stupid purchase hopeing a bargain is like all the more expensive kits. thank you and i am happy to join your community of like minded 2 wheelers.
sincerely, charlie in baltimore maryland
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