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Default Re: To tension or not to tension, that is the question?

Here's the advice. If you run it without a tensioner, you will need some kind of axle puller/tensioners like what is found on BMX bikes, or you may get "axle creep".

If you want to do without a tensioner or roller, you will do best with a dedicated hub instead of the rubber sprocket holders.

Some frames don't have clearance and you will have chain slap or chain rub on the left chain stay.

Can I have your Roller tensioner? I like them, but I suggest welding them to the frame if you have narrow chain stays.

See my profile on for a chain tensioner I made from a go cart part, looks factory made.

Originally Posted by meowy84 View Post
Putting my kit together and thinking of omitting the tensioner. I see bikes with and without one.

Personally I'm looking for a simple look and I think they tend to make the bike look more clattered and also the more components the more chances of it loosening and getting into the spokes. Since I have a chain breaker and my frame has some room for adjusting the back rim I should be able to eliminate most of the slack in the chain.

Just looking for some opinions from the motorized bicycle gurus. Pros and cons.
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