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Default If Your New Motor Won't Start,

if Your New Motor Wont Start Up, And You Have Tried Everything From Removing The Kill Switch, To Sacrifice Of A Virgin,, Try This Easy Trick From A Former Repair Guy.
anyone Will Tell You, Once Its Broken In, It Will Start Right Up. The Reason Is Compression. Once The Piston Has Seated In The Cylinder, You Have Good Compression. But Its Not That Good Before Break In.. So, Here Is An Easy Trick To Bump Up Initial Compression For That First Start.
its Just So Simple, Youl Smack Your Head For Not Thinking Of It.
step#1 Remove Spark Plug
step#2 Find Your Favorite 2 Stroke Oil.
step#3 Pour A Cap Full Of It Into Combustion Chamber, Via Plug Hole.
step#4 Replace Spark Plug And Wire
step#5 Pump Those Legs And Pop That Clutch.
i Hope This Was Helpfull To At Least One Person.
If your not sure, ask a friend first!
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