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Default Re: Firing on all cylinder...

Originally Posted by Mo'Beffah View Post
Hey guys, back again with another update. Had to wait till my replacement carb float got here to have a go at it again. That was giving me a lot of problems. My float was cracked and sunk to the bottom so there was nothing to stop fuel flow when the carb filled up. If your having gasoline pour out the air filter your float is stuck or cracked. The replacement one had a crack too but at least it wasn't in the center if the donut it was on the outside flat area. Did some sanding to scuff it up then used "jb weld" epoxy resin and it worked fine. Plus putting that side up shouldn't let too much fuel hit that spot anyway. After that and putting a new spark plug in she's running cherry! So stoked cause it was up and down trying to figure out what was wrong with my fuel flow. Here she is again. Finally racking up some miles.
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