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Default Re: Endless Money Pit !!!!!

Originally Posted by robin View Post
I think iam going to try the last one for awhile at least you get to have a good meal once in a while and often a good laugh and a warm smile.
Yeah, but you already have a bike!

I'm doing this just to make you jealous. If you are lucky, you will find a woman like my wife that has a little OCD, which means she loves to clean my messes behind me as I love to make them, she always washes the clothes and dishes because I just can't do it as good as she does, and she absolutely loves to cut grass! She is a radiation therapist, which means she makes more money than me, thought she could come in handy as I smoke also. Might need some radiation one day! She's hot too, 8 months pregnant, but HOT! Funny and smart with a great sense of humor. I swear, I am one lucky guy. I can't get home fast enough after work. The sad part is that when she hears the locals talking about the idiot they saw riding a really fast motorized bicycle, she has to tell them that was her husband! I doubt she is as proud of me as I am of her. Not really, she is totally cool and thinks I'm crazy, which is why she likes me in the first place. Good luck with your search. There are some great ones out there, I'm just glad I'm not "out there" looking anymore.
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