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Thumbs up i thought the Compressor i pictured here would be eno

i thought the Compressor i pictured here would be enough , i might go to sherwin williams to talk to some one with knowlege of such . i was just thinking if i put my shop together why not get something that can do larger jobs such as , painting a car , or house , i had an paint gun (no names mentioned) that all it done was splater and buzzed enough to drive ya nuts! didnt think about an regulator ., looks like i will need to talk to some one there at sherwin williams ,, they usaly hire people with knowlege of such thanks. P.S. I wish those guys at the locaL BODY SHOP WOULD WEAR THE RIGHT RESPARATOR s
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You'll need a air hose, pressure regulator/ water separator, wax and film remover, and a automotive quality tack cloth. The gun has a nozzle on the larger side which is good for heavier paints and primer but too big for real automotive paint. Check into a touch up gun they're cheap and usually have finer tips. I use a inline filter that screws onto the air inlet of the gun that you can get for a few bucks at a good auto parts store that sells paint.If your going to use automotive paint don't be afraid to ask the paint guy questions and get instruction sheets from them.You forgot the most important tool...the respirator mask! Not a dust mask especially if your spraying real automotive paint. Some of that stuff is bad ass don't play around! Some products are so harmful they require a remote air pump and full face mask and they will cause serious permanent health problems. Here's another tip, if your only doing a bike or two you can have automotive paint mixed in spray bombs or you can get a prevail set up.In fact unless you plan on doing a lot of painting the prevail system would be the cheapest way to do a paint job. Another cheap way to great results is Dupli-color spray paint or buy it by the gallon. The downside to the Dupli-color paint is it comes in limited colors and it scratches kind of easy but it looks great if you prep the surfaces properly. Prep work is 95% of a paint job.
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