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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

edited my review of on pg5 to read as follows "EDIT FOR GASBIKE.NET: purchased a 4stroke kit (Storm...Huasheng) in january and installed it last weekend. after about 100 miles the gearbox was fried....wouldnt propel the bike forward. spoke w/service guy David last thursday. since it was still under warranty, he said he would ship a new transmission. he said to "weld the drum to the center bolt" ???? wouldnt that delete the clutch action and make it a direct-drive? also said i needed to "pedal to get bike going and then ease into throttle. that i didnt do, with the original gearbox....didnt think i needed to. whats the purpose of having a centrifugal clutch, if a guy has to pedal first? lesson learned. i guess. ANYWAY, i have sent numerous emails/calls asking for a tracking number, or at least an idea of when the tranny will ship, with no reply. gonna try to get ahold of David tomorrow between the hrs of 11am to 1pm PST.
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