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Default Denver help...?

Hey, folks. I live here in the mile-high city and I'm hoping someone out there might be willing to give me a hand with my prospective rig.

Basically, here's the thing: I need a commuter. I go two places a lot; one is about ten miles away and the other is about 15. So for it to be worth it, I really need my bike to hit 40+ without me running it into the ground.

I've been chatting with a great guy from this forum (Steve - DetonatorTuningSolutons) and he recommends maybe putting a gp460 on a Staton rack. I think this sounds fine but I know jack about mechanics and I have only the most basic tools. So I'm wondering if anyone in this area might be willing to help me out - just be there to call with questions and if I need something done with a tool I don't have.

I'm totally willing to pay for your time or whatever...I just really need some guidance and I can't always be bugging Steve.

Anyway, please let me know if you live in the area and are in a generous mood. I will be eternally grateful for whatever help I can get.

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