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Talking Re: Just starting out, but addicted already!

Wow. I think I have gone slightly insane.
I went on a spending spree this week and ordered a jackshaft kit, new engine kit and a cool bike to put them on. By the time I got all the accessories and a few spare parts, the total price got a little high. In fact, I spent more than I intended to, like a crack addict. (Rationalization is a powerful tool but a terrible master). I have already accumulated 4 bikes and I am awaiting delivery of a 5th. I have converted a large section of my blacksmith shop into a ghetto bike shop.

I have been tweaking and tinkering with my current bike like a crazy man. While I am riding it to work every day, I find myself planning modifications. I even mounted an old GPS on it with a solar panel to power it.

What's wrong with me?
My current bike is a blast to ride and I have no valid excuse for upgrading to a shift kit, much less buying a whole new build. Obviously, I have gone crazy. Tinkering with motorbikes is a sickness. You guys have infected me with "Jackshaft-itis" and the only cure seems to be to build one.

But here's the cool part:
I bought a diamondback wildwood bike with all the bells and whistles and have several boxes of cool stuff to put on it sitting in the garage! Now I am watching for the UPS truck every day like a little kid waiting for Santa!

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