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Default Re: A Cops perspective....

Originally Posted by hambro View Post
Only problem I had was the "stay the **** out of my life" part but even that didn't bother me too much.
Sorry, I really have a problem with nanny state mentalities. It saddens me to see the degradations of freedoms based on laws passed for our own good. "There outta be a law" mentality has perpetuated the growth of government to the point of stifling the citizens it is protecting.

I enjoy riding bicycles without helmets. I have always done that. I wear a helmet on motorcycles of my own volition, and I am happy that I live in a state where that choice is mine to make.

The hypocrisy is that whenever you take away a freedom that affects someone personally, they are upset...if it doesn't they are happy in their victory. We have forged our shackles bill by bill, law by law.

For the children.

We live in an age where a cap gun is seen as an act of terror. A child playing without protective gear is seen as abuse. A bump bruise or burn is no longer a life lesson in care and responsibility, but an opportunity for fiscal gain.

I do not begrudge those who wear protective equipment. Indeed, I have levels of gear I wear depending on the risk I am taking. I select the risk I am comfortable with. Everyone is free, or should be free, to set their own limits of risk vs reward in life. Use whatever gear makes you comfortable with the risk.

People can and do die from falls without any speed involved.

I have a friend who tripped on his sidewalk and shattered his hip.

Perhaps the government should regulate fully body armor whenever we are awake.

At what point is it too much? At what level of intrusion do you say it has gone too far? Just keep increasing the water temp slowly and the frog never notices.

I have lost friends from riding. I have a friend in a wheelchair as well from an accident on a FJ1200 in the 90's.

I respect the risks.

I have a machine with better handling and braking than a large majority of the people on this forum. I, personally, would never ride half the coaster brake rattle traps that people ride, helmet or no....but I don't begrudge them their choices and the risk level they have chosen to accept. Freedom involves the ability to make bad choices as well as good.

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