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Default Re: A Cops perspective....

Originally Posted by rockhopper View Post
Hi Gareth:

You know I agree with you on your basic premise. But I have a problem with any MC rider denigrating or deriding another rider who chooses to gear up. That's just not cool all.
I had to give this one a rest for a while, sorry about bringing this back up, but I must say that while I agree completely with your statement here, rockhopper, I think no one should be bashed for their choice, either way. Seems like a bunch of guys tackled Gareth for his opening statement to start the whole sidewind this thread took. It's just personal preference and a choice that a lot don't see eye to eye on, such as politics and religion. Best not brought up unless you really want to talk about it.

Hambro, good thread. Sounds like you are shocked to see that most don't hate cops. I think most hate the cops that feel above the law, which you clearly don't seem to be that guy.
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