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Default Re: working crusier without a tensioner

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Nice photos and explanation.
Thanks bear, and you can just call me KC ;-}

Detailed photos make such a huge difference in an explanation I try to always take the time to use them, and for me hosting them is nothing, I own my own internet server for my real business.

Anything is better than that godawful huge metal tensioner that comes with the kits if you HAVE to use one.
I bought one of these to put on the pedal side to use while I put the first 20-30 miles on a new build until the drive chain stretches back some if I need to.
It seldom needed though as the pedal chain just doesn't get much use.

You can use it in pull-up mode on the pedal chain.
Pricey at $20, but it easy to mount and adjust by sliding closer to the pedal sprocket, and it sure looks a heck of lot better to me.
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