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Unhappy Re: Important Choices - Please Give Me Your Opinion

I want to thank everybody again for all the great help you provided, but I got some bad news today. I met my attorney at court and he informed me that even though a regular guy does not need any license to ride a motorized bicycle; as a convicted DUI offender I will be prohibited from operating any form of motorized vehicle - including a riding mower out of the yard.

Well, I knew you couldn't drive a mower down the road, but I had no idea that I could be ticketed and sent to prison for riding a bicycle that specifically does not require a license to operate.

So for now I guess I'll buy the bike I referred to earlier and pedal, pedal, pedal. In the back of my mind I am still considering a possible electric rear hub and batteries if it could all be concealed by big saddlebags. I believe I could pedal and use the electric as mostly a hill assist; never attaining any speed to be noticeable. But with the threat of prison, I don't now. Certainly not for now.

Thanks again for the input. Any thought on an 'invisable' electric are welcome.

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