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Default Re: Endless Money Pit !!!!!

No, it NEVER ends. Not if your like me, first guy on my block with a Digital camera(1990), had to teach a Bosneian soldier that you have to HOLD the shutter button down for a few seconds to take a good PIX, I had 11 of those. I didn't know. I fly model Airplanes and helo's... have 12 of those... MB's have 3 of those... Parrots, have 10 of those, dog's, 3,(and Today, I spent $1,200,00, turns out my weimer is Diabetic....F%$k, like I HAD THAT $$ TO SPEND. rabbits 4, kids, 5(got a tv, no more kids) etc... etc...
OK I got that off my chest.... No matter what I do... MAX. My wife asked (sweet gal) "only 139.00?? yea hon... the kids will love 'em, built some, SBP, Pirate pick one, (all Great folks)the 139.00 kit = 280... Heck, theres alot of worse things I can do with the $$, like supporting a 9 yr old weimeraner with diabeties. F%#K, I can't Buy a break, there goes my pirate performance motor, sorry Justin. Love ya all

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