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Default Re: Acorn vs. Hex Nuts

I developed a hatred for the bedanged things workin' in a brake & alignment shop as even the ones used as lug nuts on a car are prone to problems in the long term - obv stud length wasn't the issue in this case, the nut would corrode under the chrome "cap" and distort the "acorn" enough to either get stuck in the impact gun's socket or not fit in a socket at all.

I remember (with a deep hate in my soul) having to split the chrome caps with a chisel to get them off (then ofc no socket quite fits) and/or sticking the socket in a vice & beating the bejabbers outa it to get the deformed thing outa there.

Even the lil ones on the HT's head gave me a lil bit of a problem, I had minor head & base gasket leaks despite having replaced them both & (seemed) torqued properly (new engine, had jus' ported), but being familiar with the acorn's nefarious shenanigans - I just added thicker lock washers and that did the trick.

Thing is, acorn nuts can obv be used if you fully understand the potential shortcomings, that you may be sacrificing jus' a lil reliability for style alone. That's fine ofc, such sacrifices are made alla time - but they aren't ideal.
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