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Default Re: A Cops perspective....

Originally Posted by hambro View Post
Dang rock, looked like that one bike landed right on his head as he was flippin over, it may have hit him right in the face if you look closely at it. Even my helmet wouldn't have helped me on that one. I did put a guy in a bag once that fell of off his bike at 35 miles per hour and he was wearing a helmet with no face shield. He hit his face on the pavement and crushed his skull that way. It was in the middle of July here in humid alabama and I got there ten minutes after he crashed and the ants were already trying to eat his brains on the side of the shoulder. I never did figure out how he lost it at 35 mph and they said he was an experienced rider. Like Gareth said I guess when it's your time its your time but I ain't doin anything extra to make my time come sooner.
That was an 800+ lb bike that bounced off his noggin. Watch his hands and arms go down throughout the ordeal. Just imagine the world of hurt that guy is in.

And most importantly, what are the odds of a seagull with human empathy flying overhead at the exact moment of the crash while it is being filmed.

Wild stuff.
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