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Default Re: Ontario Bike Engine Owners

Since this thread was started over a year ago, I'm just wondering if anyone has any new updates on the current legality of our motorized bicycles in Ontario? I live in the same city that Chris Hill does so I guess I could call him, but I read on this forum that he has either toned down or stopped selling his kits because of the U.S.A. and Canadian import barriers for these engines. Back to the main point....

Anyways, last summer I used to see tons of motorized bicycle around the city and although it's still early in the season especially here in Canada I've only seen 2 guys on their motorized bicycles this spring and we've had over a month of good riding weather already. I wonder if the cops in Ontario have finally began to crack down on the motorized bicycles this year due to some new legislation. I plan on using my motorized bicycle once it's all together to commute to work to save on gas (and just for fun too ). It would really be unfortunate if I couldn't. *sigh*

So, does anyone know what the real dealie is in Ontario?
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