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Default Re: A Cops perspective....

Originally Posted by fasteddy View Post
Garth, wish I'd stayed home wrapped up in bubble wrap. Wheel chair is up stairs over the garage because I refuse to use it.

Getting around with a cane is not a lot of fun either but you get used to it.
If you have a cool looking, handmade cane, a lot of ladies want to stop and talk about it.

Little blue wheelchair tag in the window gets you prefered parking if some clown that doesn't need it hasn't parked there first. Price you have to pay to get it is pretty high

I can work on my bike for about 5hrs a day, then it takes me 2 days to recover.

I'm not bitter either but I sure don't want to look over and see you've joined this little parade?

Now back to our regular program.

Exactly this.
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