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Default Re: A Cops perspective....

Hambro, I've been pretty busy on this thread since you started it. As I said a local cop gave me the Fast Eddy nickname for drag racing.
The truth is that they caught my main opponent and I doing 90 in a 30mph zone. As I sat there thinking about the next 2 years I'd be walking after I got out after the 6 months I'd be doing in jail, the cops face showed up in my window took one look at me and said "if it isn't Fast Eddy" and then he proceded to rip me a new and well deserved second AH.
He informed me he was tired of taking little {fill in the words} out of thier cars after the wreck and having to go home and deal with the parents. That stayed with me for some reason. Last time I went racing.
We both got tickets for 10 miles over the limit and no points. That act of kindness and the reaming worked for both of us.
In Canada that would have been a criminal record and put a hurt on our lives forever.

I took the new lease on life and settled down. My respect for the police only grew bigger when I was a volunteer fire fighter.
Where would our life be without them?

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