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Default Re: Something Good Happened Today

Originally Posted by karryhunt View Post
After about 200 miles and the 1/-1/2 gallons of 16:1 mix my maximun speed has never exceeded 24-25 MPH not that I didn't have pedal to the metal. Today at around 18 MPH, I decided to see if I could beat the old record of 24 MPH so I opened her up and she got right up there to 24 MPH. Trying to get the last bit of go out of this thing, I was rentless and held the throttle open for about 10 -15 seconds longer than normal. All of a sudden, without warning, this little engine became a monster and screamed louder and longer than I have ever heard her before. The speed climbed steadily from 24 MPH up to almost 30 MPH. (see photo)

My question........Is this little engine telling me she wants to put on her big girl pants now that the break in period is just about up or is it a sign of somehing bad about to happen?

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I guessing you have a 44t sprocket and 30-32mph is around the top speed,but at those speeds with that sprocket, the engine is also doing very high rpms. If you want to run at those speeds for a long time,you might want to get a smaller rear sprocket, and your engine will run at lower rpms and last longer. you also might want to change your oil/gas ratio to atleast 20:1 or 24:1 or higher.

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