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Default Re: A Cops perspective....

Thanks Dan, that means a lot to me. As a matter of fact all of you guys have made my day. I honestly expected to be thrashed when I started this thread because so many people have had their run ins with the police and they are bitter from it in the end. I am a big guy and I'm a pro active police officer when it comes to things like meth, crack, and prescription medication abuse. I smoked a little marijuana when I was a lot younger and don't put as much emphasis and importance on people who just happen to have a very small amount of it on them, especially if they are honest with me about it. I can tell you guys that I work for the sheriff's office which is a political office so we don't have things like traffic citation quota's. As a matter of fact, usually the sheriff in a county is against his deputies writing too many tickets because every ticket written is a vote lost in his mind. Therefore I don't go crazy writing tickets. As a matter of fact I wrote three traffic citations in April, but I wrote 122 written warnings and probably gave another 50 verbal warnings. I believe in giving people a break especially honest, hard working, good people who weren't doing anything that I haven't done myself, like rolling through a stop sign, speeding a little or forgetting a turn signal every now and then. I can't stand hypocrits and I refuse to be one. Thanks again guys, YOU ARE MY PEOPLE.

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