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Default Re: 24in wheels on 26in frame??

Originally Posted by The 26incher View Post
I set up my 26" bike with a 24" rear wheel. It's an old BMX trick that didn't pan out that great BITD. Motorcycles(dirt and street) have this set up(smaller in the back, larger in the front) and I also like the look. Here is a problem you are going to run into with 24" wheels on a 26" frame. The bottom bracket will sit much lower. I plan on running 5" cranks instead of the 7 1/2" stock cranks(who needs all that leverage anyway, I only pedal it from a start). If you don't shorten the rear end and use a 24" fork on a 26" frame and fork, smaller rims look goofy. It's your bike bro, do what you want. Here is mine...
If you use a 3" x 24" tire it's almost as tall as a skinny 26".....from what I see in photos!
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