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Default Re: Shifting gas bike idea

Originally Posted by charles.paskell View Post
How are you gonna get the chain to line up on the pedal drive sprocket? it looks good in
2-D but your motor drive gear is on the opposite side of the pedal drive gear.... unless you have a magic chain. i dont believe this can be done with these china girls but i have been wrong before so go for it.....
If you will read what he said and look at the diagram he posted you will see that the engine will drive an added sprocket that would be attatched ( or as he said welded) to the pedal crank shaft that is on the engine drive side of the bike, this would of coarse do away with the ability to pedal the bike any longer but would make it more like a motorcycle instead of a bicycle. It would work just fine but no more pedals and thus no longer a bicycle which would probably get you thrown off the road by the law in most if not all states.

Best idea is S.B.P. shift kit.....will do the same but with the added bonus of still being able to pedal..
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