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Default Re: Shifting gas bike idea

Originally Posted by Cabinfever1977 View Post
Thats why he uses 2 colors,the blue one is on the other side and would go from engine down to a sprocket mounted on the left side of peddal axle and on the right is red which is another sprocket that leads to the rear gear changer and wheel.

But on the left side of engine is a cover that covers the small sprocket on engine which he would have to cut a opening on the bottom of the cover for chain to go down to the left peddal axle.
i may just mount the engine up higher on the frame, so the angles will lign up, i don't like the idea of cutting it.

And to to those giving me **** about how it wont have pedals, the first gas bike i had i installed with pedals, and the way it was intended, but the torque from the motor to the rear wheel was too great and ended up warping the spokes, so a solution i made was to get a disc brake wheel/ hub, and mount the sprocket to the spot where the rotor would go, by drilling out holes... that has worked for about a year now... the bike has failed on my a few times, but i always carry a tool pack with me, with the essential bike tools, allen keys, wrenches, ducting tape, extra fuel line. A year later now, the gas bike runs just as good as it did..

I was doing all this with a budget, and parts i had accesble.

im now undergoing a new project converting a chopper bike, i wont do this method, although i will have a pretty interesting build.

Im using parts from a 1970's honda 50cc moped i got my hands on, mainly the rear wheel, i checked it out and it turns out the rear wheel's sprocket is the same size teeth as the gas bikes, so i will be able to use it. it has a built in drum break, witch works really well, so that will help to break the bike.

I already modified the frame to accommodate the larger rear axle size, i am now undergoing painting of the chopper bikes frame, i choose a "Pumpkin orange" looks pretty good so far.

The plan is to take parts from the moped and attach it to the chopper, Ie generator, headlight, horn.

i'll take photos
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