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Default Re: truing a sprocket

One rubber pad split with scissors between bolt holes on the inside of spokes around wheel hub, One rubber pad on outside of spokes, put a bolt through one of the holes in the sprocket and place it through both rubber pads and then place one of the metal plates on the inside of the spokes so that the hole that is in the center of the steel plate fits over the bolt, move over to the third hole right or left and repeat by placing bolt through sprocket and through both rubber pads place another of the steel plates inside spokes over hub and bolt should go through the middle hole of this one as well and then repeat these same steps on the last steel plate, now tighten each of the bolts down equally and make sure the steel plate dont overlap at the edges, after they are just good and snug but not tight, place all of the remaining bolts through the sprocket and rubber pads, put nut on each one as you put it in and when they are all in, just start slowly working your way around the bolts tightening them a little at a time until they are starting to get snug but not tight yet, at this point if you have a bench vise put the axle nut on one side of wheel and tight it all the way down the axle and then tighten up the nut in vise jaws( NOT the THREADS) on the axle in the vise with sprocket facing up so that the wheel can be spun freely, now you can turn the wheel and check for alignment as you evenly tighten each bolt a little at a time until they are all good and tight, just watch the sprocket as you turn the wheel and adjust it side to side to get it even in this area, ( I build a pointer out of an 1/8" steel rod and build me a stand to the side of the wheel on my work bench so that the rod will be held in place and extended out over the wheel and just to the edge of the sprocket so I can make sure the sprocket is running true while wheel is turning) at the same time watch the edge of the sprocket as the wheel spins and adjust the "wobble" out of it while tightening the bolts evenly. Hope you can understand how I put all this, just said it the best I could think to say it with out pics. hope this helps.
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