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Talking Re: Endless Money Pit !!!!!

I have found that the only manditory spending I've done on my two 2 stroker china's is replace all the gaskets with good homemade ones and replace all the nuts, bolts and studs with grade 5-8 quality and that will get the engine very reliable in my experience with only minor tuning of the carb to get it running right. the only real money I've spent on my old American made Roadmaster is the lights, wireless digital speedometer, tires, seat, heavy duty tire tubes, brakes, draw ties to hold wires and cables and a little material making the engine mounts and material for making my cargo rack on the back, I may be wrong but I bet I could get on my bike today and go 100 miles and back without a hitch and that would only cost me about $6 or $7, I have about $300-$350 in my bike total and it takes me all over the country side out here in central Texas where I live, these things are very enjoyable and do need a little tweaking here and there from time to time but for the cost of building one it is well worth it in my opinion, these aint hot rods and if someone treats it like one you will be working on it all the time like one, just build it right the first time with quality fasteners and get stuff straight and tight, breakit in right and ride it for a few thousand mile and then spend $150.00 and do it again, FUN FUN FUN, for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.......! just my 2 CENTS ........God Bless and lets all ride SAFE....!

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