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Default Sprocket Sizes

My bike, with 26" wheels and the stock 10t/44t sprocket setup will do 30mph+ but revs too high for my comfort at that speed. On a WOT run today, 30 seconds flat out I hit around 34-35mph but with the motor at very high revs. I would like to cruise at 25-30mph more comfortabley.

I know sprocket downsizing creates a torque issue. I have the 68.5cc slanthead, stock carby and pipe, but it has noticeably more compression (and torque) than the other 50cc flat I had. It pulls me (160lbs) and itself plus tools and spare fuel (125lbs) with just a push from a dead stop. Would it be capable of handling a 40t, 38t or even 36t? What speeds could I expect below 6000rpm (my max cruising speed)? How well or poorly would it handle moving from a stop? What is an fairly easy way to get more torque to help with stops and acceleration (or should that amount be enough?).

Or alternatively, I have heard Bikeguyjoe and Cabinfever talk about getting to 38 or so with the stock 44t setup, what does the motor sound like on those bikes at speeds of 25-30?
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