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Default Re: A Cops perspective....

I honestly didn't think this thread would be this popular. I have been a member here for a few months and I have read many post where guys have run into bad cops or like gareth said "jackholes" and I just wanted you guys to know that at least one cop sees things from your perspective. I may not be able to influence the entire world but at least in my county all the deputies that work at our department and most of the local police officers that work in the municipality know that I make and sometimes sell these bikes. I have spoken with most of them in regards to their "lack of legality" and the general consensus among them is the same as what I stated in the first post on this thread. Crap stinks when you stir it up. These guys know that the bikes are not legal here but they won't mess with anyone thats not flirting with disaster in the first place. I'm just tryin to do my part for our love of these darned things. Take care guys and thanks for all of your support and I will continue to support you and this hobby for ever.
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