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Default Re: New Member JDUBWEB

Welcome to the forum, glad you joined

Don't feel bad, most of us have had the problem's you are having. I'm only speaking of my experience...YES once you get the bug's out it get's much better.. I've got 5 years and over four thousand miles... I'd say the first 6 months I had alot of problem's..not as bad as some but just a few thing's.

I average around 20-35miles a day...have taken ride's that will be around 70-100miles..Did a crazy trip to Mexico at 140miles

The past few years, I've had to do nothing except maintanece, I even find myself taking it apart just so I can work on it..Thier becomes a point where you stop working on it all the time, and spend the time looking for way's to improve it..
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