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Default Re: truing a sprocket

What i did was: sprocket/spokes/1 piece of rubber/ 1 set 3 metal plates, now im not saying its the right way or even safe to have the sprocket against the spokes,this is just how i chose to do it to have a straight chain line.

The manual would say: set of 2 metal plates/sprocket/rubber/spokes/rubber/other set of 3 metal plates/, it will depend on your chain line and bike.
It takes time and a few tries but will be worth it to have the sprocket centered.
O and when tightening the bolts use a small wrench and/or small socket set and do not use lots of force, tighten slowly.

And with the wheel in your lap as you're tightening the bolts alternate back and forth cross ways to tighten and use a ruler to measure from the teeth of sprocket to the hub of wheel and check for trueness,if its off you can loosen and adjust the sprocket.
then put the wheel and chain back on and adjust chain,then turn wheel and check that the chain doesnt get loose then tight and tight then loose,if it does by a big diffrence,you will have to do it again and take it back off.

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