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Default Re: Endless Money Pit !!!!!

I started to feel the same...Finally I just figured, hey if I wanna go fast hop on my motor cycle....And if I get tired of pedaling my bicycle then crank up the motor, thats what its for.....Theres ALL kinds of High perf. parts for these bikes and you just have to figure out what you want....You can only safely ride one of these at about 30 35 mph....They are just meant to be putt putt rides, not speed monsters is what I have FINALLY got through my`ve stopped at the billet head and the Pipelyne exh. system....I`ll NEVER sell it for what I have in it so thats it for me.....Sure theres a crap load more I want to buy/do but what for....I`ll just tinker with what I HAVE.....JMO.....
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