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Default Re: Acorn vs. Hex Nuts

I'm bumping this very old thread because I just finished building a new motor and I encountered the same problem on it as I've found on several others previously. That being that the factory supplied acorn nuts were bottomed out on the studs. That in itself might not cause a problem but something else I've discovered is an inconsistency in stud length. I've compared them in several engines and found a variance of over a quarter inch in length. A longer stud could bottom out in the engine case and if the acorn nut also bottoms out before proper contact with the cylinder head then that stud/nut is not doing its job. I have to wonder if this is not the reason for some blown head gaskets and compression loss experienced by some. Just a thought. I always replace the kit supplied acorn nuts with hex nuts on the cylinder head/studs and the studs and nuts at the intake and exhaust with Allen head cap screws because if this problem. Any comments?
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