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Default hello all new here with a few questions :)

well to start i just ordered two kits from,
motorizedbikeparts stinger kits
are these kits good i looked into them and this one was close to me in MI and i figured shipping would be faster to here then from ca from a ebay seller.
also i have been looking into 2 cycle oils i have read alot of opti2's 100-1 mix and alot have been happy and see a reduce in smoke. my concern is its less oil then the motor needs? if anyone has a opinion the isnt a big cost difference i have it locally at true value for about 6$

so basically is opti2 safe have benifits or stick with a regular 32.1 mix?

*** the most important question SAFETY ***
i have a Schwinn Legacy and it only has coaster breaks and i looked into alot options about brakes i would like to maybe put a mountain bike front end on it with a disc break and upgrade the rims. im new to this i believe i am going to have to remove the coaster break with this kit??? and lastly any ideas on what kind of forks to go with?
thanks for taking the time to read this,
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