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Default Re: Bucking bar to camshaft problem.

Originally Posted by Santa_cruz_loc View Post
Wow, you guys are on top of this kind of stuff.... Ok, I went to Ace and bought some moly grease and a 5\8 hardened steel drill bit and now I'm off to a friends who has the tools to make this a 2 hour project instead of an all day thing. I don't have the stamina to cut a drill bit like this with a hacksaw nor do I have a grinder/polisher. I will post again next week with some results on how well its working. Thanks again for all the info!!!! you guys rule!
I hope you bought a 5/16" drill bit and not a 5/8". Also the length of the pin is extremely critical. If your original is not worn too badly use it as a guide for proper length.
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