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Default Re: Cheap Rubber Motor Mounts

The engine mounts that I produce utilize Neoprene rubber as a liner for the frame clamps. This liner was not designed into the product for the benefit of eliminating the vibration that the rider experiences. The metal part of the frame clamp is larger in diamter, .030", than the frame. The Neoprene is recessed in a machined groove so that it is trapped in the clamp. The Neoprene is a .015-.020" crush against the frame tube which makes for a very rigid engine installation.

Considering the inconsistencies, in diameter, of bent tubing...I did not want to make the clamps a metal-on-metal union. This would have created stess "hot spots" that could lead to frame cracking.

As far as the frame clamps are concerned; they work the same as the Ridley design, which has been proven. I created the link set-up, (and provided a field for frame tube sizes), in order to make my mounts fit many different frame sizes and styles. Although for sale, the Ridley mounts were made for internal use on thier own motorbikes. They fit the Felt frame only.

The current offering is shown in the photo, (post #12), provided by AaronF.

The original pan type design shown on my website, (post #17), is no longer available for a number of reasons. I made quite a few of them and 80% worked great. A few of the pans cracked at a bend. In addition the original design just wasn't universal enough for mass production.

The new design will work with a wide variety of frames just by altering the length of the forward link.

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