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Default Hello from Australia!

Hi guys, I just thought I'd drop in and say hi. I made a post looking for carburator help, however I just thought I'd share some tips I've figured out myself.

If your engine is covered in dirt/grime, even in the cooling fins, just grab a can of heavy degreaserand blast it. It comes up looking new.

If your clutch is making funny sounds or becoming stiff when you hold it all the way in, you need a thicker gasket on the clutch case. What happens is when it you hold the clutch, it rubs against the cover. I made mine out of a traffic cone (lol) and it works a lot better than that paper gasket.

Buy some self locking nuts, and use them on everything on your bike. They're basically just a nut with a nylon ring which stops them vibrating loose.

I also have the kind of bike which the brake/gear cables run on top of the bike, and if you put the tank on, the cables are held down and won't work. I found a way around, and will post a picture later tonight hopefully.
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