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Default Re: A Cops perspective....

I already got a traumatic brain injury from lightning through a telephone... burned the front lobe of my brain. I'm lucky to be writing this message. My life changed forever in a moment. I had no real choice in the matter. It was not raining, no storm, sun was shining and a single lightning bolt found me from ten miles away. I believe it had my name on it.
Things happen you can't plan on, but when there is something you can do about preventing an injury and you choose not to as in the case of wearing a helmet... well, it just seems dumb to me to not wear head protection. When you're young you tend to think you are somehow invulnerable and that injuries happen to other people. If you make it to sixty or seventy you know better. I've had four near death experiences and figure the next one is the game ender. Yes, the helmet feels weird at first, but you get used to it.
Don't want to pile on you with this, but also would be very sad if we got a post from a friend of yours saying you died or were drooling full time now because you were too cool to wear a helmet.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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