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Default Re: New to Forum. I have Titan XC Engine Kit

high kam. check on the motor below where you put the oil is a nut. tighten that. it is for draining the oil and i know i had to tighten mine, most likely the oil is coming out thier slow and apears to be dripping from the other part. if it is coming from the power take off i am not sure for i just went with what came with the kit. break in i am not sure. i have a couple hundred miles on mine and i never really babied it but i never keep at full throttle long distances. i try to keep changing it every so often. 3rd the chain. make sure everything is mounted secure and your mount is not moving. new chains do loosen for a while then finnally stop. try to email dax and see if you get an answer that way. i think he may be on the road but i am sure he is checking is email. hope that helps and glad to have you with us
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