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Default Re: Silverbear's sidecar

Hey Curtis,
Yes, I thought maybe a canoe end would work. I'll have to stare at and measure the beam of my canoe once I get home in less than two weeks (can't wait!) If it seems possible then I'll be on the lookout for a wrecked one. My nearby town of Ely is right next to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area wilderness and has a number of outfitters. I'm sure they each get a canoe or two every summer which has been folded in a rapids by boy scouts or other tourists. I'll be looking for one which is not repairable but has at least one good end to work with. Also a cheaper make canoe would be fine since it would also be lighter. As a boy we had a Grumman 17 footer made right after WWII when Grumman went from making aircraft to boats and canoes, so this one was made from aircraft aluminum and was virtually indestructible, but also a bear to portage. So, a lighter one. It should be pretty strong, too, so shouldn't require a real heavy duty frame underneath, especially if the undercarriage is bolted directly to the canoe bottom and through to plates above, so the skin is sandwiched. It would make a really strong sidecar. I have an electric pancake wheel motor (36 volt) which I never much liked on a bike, but which would make that canoe into a great push sidecar with plenty of room for the batteries. That's the kind of loose plan anyway. Fasteddy's sidecar is what gave me the idea for that. I'm thinking that if the bike has a gas motor then the pusher sidecar could just kick in when you either wanted to run silent or needed a little help on steep hills. I'd like for that sidecar to be beefy enough for an adult rider, give it a nice leather seat and maybe a dashboard with electrical gauge and speedometer... a windshield... boat light up front and a stern light in the back with little led lights inside. Koooool, as you say. Ha!
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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