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Default Clutch problems...


I have a new two stroke engine, that has thus far made a great project. I've got about 30 miles on it with no problems. However, the other day I rode it to work, ran great... Got to work, and 30 minutes later fired it up again to show a coworker, worked great.

After a six hour work shift I came out and my bike would not start, period. It was easy-esh to peddle even with the clutch enganged... which seemed unusual. Either way, I disengaged the clutch and peddled it home.

Checked the spark, solid, checked the wires, solid, checked the chain, solid. Everything looked good, engine turns over with no spark plug present, but under compression she wont turn.

I went to examine the clutch, took the pressure plate off, cleaned off all the gears of any present grease, roughed up the pads and the plate a-bit. I viewed the various threads on adjusting the clutch, so I tightened my inner spring, and have been playing with the "flower nut".

The problem seems to be, when I disengage the clutch, the pressure plate drops onto the pucks but it still spins against them, so the bigger gear does not turn, thus no turn over. The big gear may turn a few interspersed rotations from time to time. The interesting thing is, when I am peddling fast and I drop the clutch it spins free against the pucks, but right as I get very very slow the pucks seem to grab and the engine will fire - sometimes.

Tonight I bought break cleaner and will be trying that to see if it works, and I have also ordered a new sett of clutch pucks (mine is the round style).

Any help on how to adjust this properly so it works right would be appreciated. I just don't understand how it was wondering fine, but after a cool down period the clutch was slipping.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it.
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