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Default Re: A Cops perspective....

Rockhopper, I believed in freedom of choice at one time and would have fought anyone who said anything different but the choice isn't yours alone.
It's your families, the care givers who have to change your diaper and clean you up. The extended care home that houses you. The nurses and doctors who fight to keep you alive for your lifetime.
It's the tax payers who have to pay for it and the Police and EMT's and Fire Fighters who have to deal with the carnage day and night.

You have that great life insurance from work. Pays triple indemnity if your killed in an auto accident. Well motor bikes are included,you asked. Hey, your loved ones have a chance.
There is a bolweevil in the cotton patch or rather a lobbyist in the State Capital and his bag of cash he is handing out is supplied by the insurance companies who can now take it to court and if they can prove that you contributed to you injuries/death by not wearing a helmet. Well the $300,000 is now $35,00 because you were 75% responsible because of not wearing that pesky lid. The wind in your hair was followed by a bumper in the skull but you would have survived with a helmet. The experts all agree. Next case.

Lived in northern NH and there was a guy that I saw in town from time to time. He was from the brain injury rehab outside of town.
Simple story, Lived in Boston, needed something from the store,looked at the bike helmet and since it was 3 blocks to the store no problem. Off he went, someone opened a car door and he swerved to miss it and hit his head on the curb as he went down.

How long did it take you to read that? Took him ten miutes to tell me. I timed it by the clock on the wall.
Freedom is never free. He was 22 at that time.

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